What started as a casual discussion about the value of t-shirts as marketing collateral evolved into Atlanta’s premier street clothing brand, Atlast Clothing. Known for designs that celebrated Atlanta’s local pride and urban culture.


Atlast Clothing was an Atlanta, Georgia based clothing line specializing in t-shirts, hoodies and snapback ball caps. They first hit the scene with an immediate buzz due to their Atlanta Brave influenced design which simply said “Fuckin’ A”.


Atlast Holdings LLC began as Glenwood Creative renting an office space in Mindzai Creative’s old office in the Old Fourth Ward. In those early days, Scott Freeze and DJ J-Sol planned parties and ran a small video production outfit. Shdwcorp has worked with Scott and J-Sol in the past providing digital photography and digital image manipulation and when they decided to move on a new business venture which Daemon King proposed to them, they choose Shdwcorp to build the website. The business concept was modeling after T-Shirt Hell, a website that sells humorous T-shirts. The brand is known for producing shirts that cause controversy due to their products being perceived as offensive and politically incorrect.

What We Did

Scott already purchased the template so we started by installing the JoomlaXTC quickstart version of the Kraftwerks template. Using Adobe Dreamweaver and Lightroom, Daemon with the help of Elizabeth Halden, updated all the product pages with the latest line of Atlast Clothing apparel. Once the products were completely added to the website, Daemon updated the back-end with the payment gateway and financial information then proceeded to test the shopping cart by making a few purchases.

Throughout the first year, Daemon maintained the website and provided further training to Ms. Halden who would be in charge of managing the Atlast Clothing website. Atlast eventually expanded it’s operation to a brick and mortar store as well as a dance music lounge called the Union EAV. Shdwcorp continue our relationship with Atlast Holdings by providing design services for the Union’s advertising.

Crew and Roles

  • Daemon King: Product Manager/ Front End Developer
  • Scott Freeze: Creative Director
  • Quentin Dupree: Photographer
  • Russell Dreyer: Photographer
  • Elizabeth Halden:UX Designer
  • Ant Sims: Illustrator/Graphic Designer
  • Aldrin Banguila: Designer

Tools and Tech

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Joomla CMS
  • JoomlaXTC Kraftwerk professional web template
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