Brochures Design


A brochure is your grand, brand plan, a picturesque overview of your purpose. The perfect brochure answers all the right questions and draws your audience in.



Professionally-designed, custom brochures: the ultimate guerrilla marketing weapon.
What’s another name for a cunningly-compact, familiarly-folded, branding solution? The brochure. Use it to tell the world your story with illuminating copy and timeless images—all in a convenient format that your people can take with them. It’s the pocket-sized necessity for your brand. Our artisans are ready to create customized brochures that make you look like a master of your craft.

All prices are subject to change at any time without notification

How It Works

  1. Please make your order and the required deposit.
  2. We’ll create three drafts of your design.
  3. Choose your design as soon as you can. The delivery time will be affected by the time it takes to make your choice
  4. We will prepare the required files and send them to your email.
  5. If you have any questions please read the FAQ page.

What We Need

  1. Your custom text and/or design theme
  2. All artwork, logos or photographs that you wish to appear in the advertisment

What You Get

  1. Up to 3 revisions to chosen design draft
  2. High resolution PDF file: Your new brochure design comes with production-ready files that you can send directly to the printer.
  3. Multi-layered, editable source file
  4. Copyright and ownership of final design

Delivery time

Up to 48 hours


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