“Everyone hates Photoshop until you use it on their picture.”

After your photoshoot, digital imaging is used to “clean-up” images and alter the appearance to ideals that flatter the subject. Spots and blemishes can be easily removed, giving the appearance of perfect skin and wrinkles can also be removed to give a more youthful appearance.

At the minimum, digital imaging will allow a picture to be cropped, scaled, rotated and adjusted for brightness to completely change the mood of an image. The digital artists at Shdwcorp can even extract a subject from it’s background and collage them with other objects to make an entirely new picture.

Why you should edit your professional photographs.

Present a Youthful, Energetic Persona

Having an attractive photo for your resume/CV or your online dating profile can increase your chances of standing out in the crowd.

Communicate An Artistic Interpretation

Convey a mood by changing the overall color. Emphasizes a particular object by sharpening and zooming. Increase the value of composition by cropping to the rule of thirds. It doesn’t take much to take an unbalanced or uninteresting image into a masterpiece.