Brand Design

A brand is more than just a cool logo

When you think of great products or companies, the visual image that develops in your mind is probably that of their trademark; McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s Swoosh and Coca-Cola’s wave. The long term value of a quality brand is obvious. At Shdwcorp we’ve perfected the process of building memorable brands that last.

Our Atlanta logo design professionals will ensure that your business stands apart in a competitive market. Read our blog article to better understand what the difference is between logo design and branding.

Why you should brand yourself

Time & Money Savings

An established set of brand standards gives you the tools you need to produce signage, marketing materials, packaging and digital assets, saving you time and money.

Customer Confidence

A strong brand communicates that you’re a reliable professional. It not only increases the likelihood that customers will buy from you, but also increases the amount they’re willing to pay.

Increased Sales

A high quality and consistent brand identity makes your company instantly recognizable and memorable. That recognition factor builds repeat business and that leads to increased sales and referrals.