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Collipark Music
Founded 1999
Founder Michael “Mr. Collipark” Crooms (CEO)
Status Active
Genre Southern hip hop, Crunk, snap, pop
Country of origin United States
Location Atlanta, Georgia (2000-present)


Michael Crooms, better known by his stage name Mr. Collipark and also known as DJ Smurf, is a hip hop producer and the president of his own Atlanta-based record label, Collipark Music, which was started in 1999.[1]

The name Collipark was derived from the city College Park, Georgia. Crooms is credited as playing a major role in the career of the Ying Yang Twins,[2] Soulja Boy, Taurus, Hurricane Chris, V.I.C., and Vistoso Bosses.

In 2007, Mr. Collipark won BMI’s “Songwriter of the Year” award.[3] He was also nominated for a 2008 Grammy for his work with Soulja Boy.[4]

In 2011, Mr. Collipark debuted his mixtape Can I Have the Club Back Please, which features tracks from artists like Translee, Treal Lee & Prince Rick and the Ying Yang Twins.[5]


Collipark Music

Crooms founded his record label Collipark Music in 1999. Since founding the label he has signed various artists to the label such as Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins & Vistoso Bosses. As of 2013, there are rumors of Mr. Collipark signing a distribution deal with Epic Records for the label.

Current artists
  • Mr. Collipark
  • Ying Yang Twins
  • Treal Lee & Prince Rick
  • Translee
  • Tex James
  • Solace
Former artists
  • The Package Store
    • Mr. Collipark
    • Mr. Hanky
    • Tom Slick

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Thicky Minaj Mr. Collipark x DJA x Kase Work Ft. Ying Yang Twins
Clique - Mr. Collipark x Space Race x Mac Attack feat Fatman Scoop
Fire Louis the Child (Mr. Collipark x DJ Kontrol Remix)

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