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Atlanta, Georgia

As the basic combination of life when it comes to personality, career, and dreams BruhDuhMan is a hard driven artist. Born Byron Haynes, raised in New Orleans, he developed talent in both visual and performing arts. With a painter as a mother and band director as a father, he became naturally gifted through their core roots in entertainment. Although he currently DJ’s, he has experience in music production, creative writing, reading and writing music, speech, acting, sketching and painting as well as video production experience from a former CNN cameraman. BruhDuhMan plans to finish college with a film directing major and two minors: Philosophy and Music Psychology. Aside from school, his goal is to be a true artist.

Coming from New Orleans, it felt as a requirement to BruhDuhMan to know how to mix instead of becoming a standard jukebox to a crowd. Although he was raised on jazz, neo-soul, and mainstream hip-hop, BruhDuhMan learned to branch out on his interests. He studied multiple styles of hip-hop such as New Orleans Bounce, Twerk, Hyphy, Snap, Trap, Grime, Crunk, and Horrorcore. Outside of hip-hop, he focused on the top 40 collections of pop and also studied Dubstep artists like Flux Pavillion and Bassnectar. With his unique interest in music, he promised himself and his audience to never disappoint.

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The Twerk Sessions 2016
Retrowave 2016
Electronica 2014

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